An interview with Guy Cotter

Guy Cotter’s whole life has been spent in the mountains – in New Zealand, the Himalayas and many other mountain ranges around the world.  Born in southern New Zealand, he was introduced to the outdoors at an early age where a fascination for the mountains was fostered. Guy purchased Adventure Consultants 20 years ago, becoming […]

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“With growing concern about the rapid increase in visitors to New Zealand’s mountains, a very busy season but successful on Sagarmartha / Mount Everest and the continued growth in mountain tourism, the August Sustainable Summits Conference is timely”

Growing concern about increasing visitors to mountain regions.

Co-coordinators of the Sustainable Summits Conference, Dave Bamford and John Cocks, are positive that this conference will a stimulating forum to discuss the challenges of using and managing special mountain areas in New Zealand and around the world, and to share solutions. Dave Bamford comments: “With growing concern about the rapid increase in visitors to […]

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Aoraki / Mount Cook from below Ball Pass; Caroline Face; Mount Cook National Park; New Zealand

700 million people live in mountain regions.

One in 12 people — around 700 million individuals — live in mountain regions. Mountain environments are essential to the survival of the global ecosystem. They are the water reservoirs of the world – providing freshwater to at least half of the world’s people. However, mountains are also high-risk environments; avalanches, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes […]

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Centennial Hut NZAC photo

Sustainable mountain recreation in New Zealand

The New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) was established in 1890 with the aim of promoting mountain recreation. The club owns considerable assets including backcountry huts, and has been increasing its focus on sustainability. A key piece of work involves reducing the impacts and costs of providing huts in the high mountains. This interest has been […]

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99 days to start of Sustainable Summits Conference

In just over three months, the 3rd global Sustainable Summits conference will start at Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand. We have an exciting group of speakers, at one of the most inspiring views in the world and initial interest shows that there are a wide range of topics participants want to air and debate. The […]

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West Tienshan

Glacier retreat speed unprecedented

The world’s glaciers are in retreat. The great tongues of ice high in the Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps and the Rockies are going back uphill at ever greater speeds, according to new research. In the past year or so, researchers have identified rapid rises in meltwater and alarming cases of glacial retreat in Greenland, […]

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Mountain poverty poses unique problems.

Mountain communities are among the poorest and most affected by hunger in the world. Some 245 million mountain people live in rural areas in developing and transition countries and are threatened by food insecurity, recent FAO research shows. Do you have an opinion on this? We would like to hear it, but better still, register […]

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Martin's Bay and Lake Mc Kerrow with Darran Mountains behind, Mt Tutoko, 2723 metres, highest peak Fiordland National Park.

Sustainable access 
and climate change

In the lead up to the Sustainable Summits conference at Aoraki Mount Cook in August this year, we will  present a few articles on the effects of climate change on mountain environments. Here is a very interesting article by Shane Orchard, the NZAC Sustainability Advocate who writes about recreational access under climate change. From those who prefer […]

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Highly experienced and stimulating speaker coming to the Sustainable Summits Conference – Peter Rupitsch

We have recently received the good news that Peter Rupitsch will be speaking at the Susainable Summits Conference. Peter is the managing director of Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest National Park in the European Alps. He started his career in 1984, shortly after the National Park was established and now is the longest serving […]

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Martin's Bay and Lake Mc Kerrow with Darran Mountains behind, Mt Tutoko, 2723 metres, highest peak Fiordland National Park.

Welcome to the 2016 Sustainable Summits Conference in New Zealand

The organisers of the 2016 Sustainable Summits conference, John Cocks and Dave Bamford, together with NZ Alpine Club President Penny Brothers, are looking forward to welcoming overseas participants to the conference at Aoraki Mount Cook in New Zealand in August 2016.  They also look forward to having the opportunity to show you our mountains regions […]

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The FAO’s strategic objectives for mountain sustainability

In the lead up to the Sustainable Summits conference at Aoraki Mount Cook New Zealand in August 2016, we would like to explore as to who is doing what in terms of mountain sustainability on a global level. FAO, the UN agency for mountain sustainability, has a clear mandate and this extract below , describes their […]

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